• Dari Ansari

    Chief Executive Officer 1995 – Present In addition to his executive involvement with FreshBrew Group, Dari Ansari is co-founder, partner and director of United Somerset Corporation of Houston, Tex., a real estate development and management company involved in land acquisition, retail center, warehouse and multi-family residential development. He was also co-founder, partners and president of Fame City/Fame City Waterworks in Houston, an indoor-outdoor family entertainment center from 1985 through 1993, and owner-operator of numerous manufacturing companies. Mr. Ansari earned his bachelor of arts degree in business from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minn., in 1966.

  • Ali Ansari

    2002 – Present
    Ali Ansari joined FreshBrew Group’s specialty roasting operations in 2002 and in the subsequent years, moved through various company divisions and was appointed President of the Company in 2007. In the company's vending operations, he was largely responsible for the division's emergence in the market as a technologically advanced vending services provider. He initiated the company’s Crispy Choice food division as well as implementing a robust IT function and capability for the company. In recent years, under his executive leadership, FreshBrew Group has achieved dominant market share and won numerous accolades. Prior to his tenure with FreshBrew Group, Mr. Ansari was a world-ranked ATP tennis professional in singles and doubles and served as captain and two-time National Tennis Team Champion. He played on his college tennis team and earned his bachelor of science degree in economics with PAC-10 academic honors, from Stanford University in 2001.

  • Robert Sakowitz

    1995 – Present
    As president and chief executive officer of Hazak Corporation, Houston, Tex.  since 1988, Robert Sakowitz has provided business strategies and marketing consulting services for a variety of clients, including FreshBrew Group. His experience as a corporate leader includes board membership spanning an impressive list of well-known and admired companies, institutions and organizations including: Continental Airlines, Morse Shoe Company, Societé Viticole Europeenne (Luxembourg), Tungtex Manufacturing (Hong Kong), Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Houston Branch), Texas American Bank (Houston), the University of Houston Center for Public Policy and the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. From 1975 through 1990, Mr. Sakowitz was President, CEO and a director of Sakowitz, Inc., the fashion retail specialty store headquartered in Houston. He earned his bachelor of arts degree in history and economics from Harvard University in 1960.

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  • Fenton Allen

    Executive Vice President, Operations, Food Service Division Fenton Allen came to FreshBrew Coffee in 2007 after working in the coffee industry for more than six years, first serving as consultant to manufacturers seeking premier coffee plantation overseas and second, as a partner of the Dolce Vita Company, providing coffee to the food service, institutional and retail industries. He has brought more than 35 years of worldwide experience in establishing and managing state of the art manufacturing facilities for such well-known global companies as General Motors, Lear Corporation, Mattel Toys and Becton-Dickinson Pharmaceuticals. His FreshBrew responsibilities include all coffee production operations including sales forecasting and activities, new product development, and oversight of engineering, quality and manufacturing. Under his guidance, FreshBrew earned the SQF 2000 certification for quality, food safety and performance. Mr. Allen earned his engineering degree at the University of Michigan.

  • Steven Weyel

    Chief Operating Officer, Vending Services Division
    Steven Weyel came to FreshBrew Vending with the company’s acquisition of America First Services in 2003. He began his career in the foodservice industry with South Texas Vendors (STV) for whom he managed three restaurants and was responsible for inventory control, personnel and promotions, in addition to working with the City of Houston and the Downtown Association on special events. During his tenure with STV he helped negotiate the sale of the restaurants and gained expertise in operations, administration, finance and sales. When STV merged with America First Services in 1992, Mr. Weyel was named first as General Manager, and later led the company as President. Mr. Weyel earned his bachelor of business administration degree from The University of Texas in Austin in 1986.

  • Tom Duffy

    Vice President, Sales, Vending Services Division
    Tom Duffy also came to FreshBrew Vending with the company’s acquisition of America First Services in 2003. He began his career in the vending services industry in 1985 when he and his father, Bill Duffy, started ACE Services, merging with Accent Services and South Texas Vendors (STV) in 1992. During his tenure at FreshBrew Vending, Mr. Duffy has helped grow the business into the regional leader it is today. Mr. Duffy earned his BS from The Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston in 1985.

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