FreshBrew Vending



Vending With A Vision

FreshBrew Vending is Houston’s largest privately owned full service vending company with customers in the region’s eight county area, routes that crisscross the area and an enterprise-wide commitment to our customers that redefines full service vending.


Born in 1997 as an extension of FreshBrew Group’s office coffee services (OCS), FreshBrew Vending has grown over the years through acquisition and integration with some of the area’s most respected and successful vending services companies with innovative solutions. Having built up its own OCS business to become Houston’s largest, it sold the OCS division in 2007 to focus on expanding and improving its vending operations. Armed with the expertise of true vending professionals and the vision to lead the field in the introduction of new vending technology to deliver cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable vending services, FreshBrew Vending has earned a reputation for the highest quality service levels.


Not only does FreshBrew Vending offer and install the most current vending equipment, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software are also key components to our operations. We leverage technology to deliver better accountability per machine; accurate sales tracking, inventory control and purchasing history; cash management and automated controls and invoicing, as well as optimal scheduling and routing recommendations — all to maximize “never-out” timeliness and selection.


From technology to program development and implementation, from equipment and product selection to restocking and servicing, we understand that full service vending requires painstaking attention to every variable and every detail in order to make your experience with FreshBrew vending a simple, effortless and pleasing one.

We work with you seamlessly, behind the scenes, to make sure your employees, contract workers, associates, patrons and patients have the vending selection and services required to satisfy their needs and preferences.


At FreshBrew Vending, we believe that success is a process that requires hard work, diligence, effort, dedication and communication, day after day. We concentrate on the basics, master them, and then move on to the next level of expertise and service to meet and exceed your expectations.


We promise.

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